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Local Projects and Activities


Bike Path Bird Houses

In 2006 the Club decided to build & install birdhouses along the bike paths in Beebe & Stanstead Quebec. We have maintained them ever since cleaning and repairing them before nesting time each spring.

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Borderfest & Derby Line Community Day

In past years the Club had participated with a booth or float in the Borderfest held each year in Stanstead Quebec and selling pop-corn at the Derby Line Community Day in Derby Line, VT.

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Carnival Day at Camp Massawippi

Every Year we hold a Carnival Day at Camp Massawippi. The Club looks forward to this event as we get a chance to interact with the campers we help support. With a  popcorn machine and some games and lots of prizes we go to the camp for another great day with the campers and counselors. In 2013 we bought the camp two 3 seat towable tubes to give the campers rides on the lake. Two counselors would ride on each side of the camper to assist them. Here are some of the photos of our visits.

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Centenary Church 200th Anniversary

In 2006 we held a community barbecue the celebrate the Centenary Church of Stanstead Quebec's 200th Anniversary.

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Coutts-Moriarty Camp Work Day

In May 2009 we held a work day at the Coutts-Moriarty Camp in Derby. The Club members and others helped to repairs and maintenance to get the Camp in shape for another year. One of the projects was to build a covered platform in the archery area to allow the campers to do outside activities when the weather was bad. We painted, replaced bad stairs, landings and handicap ramps. 

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Monthly Book Sale

Since 14 August 1999 the Club has run a bookstore in Beebe next to Canadian Customs. The sale is once a month on the first Saturday of each month. Its purpose is twofold. One is to provide inexpensive books to the community and the other is to raise money for projects relating to children. The sale has become so popular people are there waiting for us to open on sale day and the revenues generated has grow to almost equal our main annual fundraiser Golf Tournament and Barbecue.

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Townshipper's Day at Bishops University

In 2013 we also had an informational booth at the Townshipper's Day held at Bishop's University. Here are some photos of the event.

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US/Canada Border Welcome Monument

 In 2006 the Club replaced the old monument that welcomed travelers coming from Canada and the US. The old one had become damaged during the reconstruction of Canadian Customs and we went to Rock Of Ages in Beebe Quebec to get a new one. Rock of Ages created this monument for us and with the crane and employees from A. Fluet & Sons the new monument was placed on the median between the US & Canadian Customs on Route 91 US / Route 55 CA. Rock of Ages also graciously donated the monument.

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International Projects & Activities

Dihele School Project - Kinshasa DR Congo

   From 2008 to Present:  The Dihele Center School -- D.R. Congo, Africa

We are working closely with Fr. Daniel Lokanga of D.R. Congo now temporarily in Vermont to help him build a vocational school in his country for the children who have been deprived of their education due to a war lasting ten years.  Our club has led the effort to solicit funding from other clubs in our district. At present Fr. Dan has been acquiring and shipping materials & supplies to the D.R. Congo to support his project. Our club has agreed to help Fr. Dan ship his third container.

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Joint Project to Ship Shoes to El Salvador

In 2013 A shipment of over 1000 shoes was sent to the community of Talnique, El Salvador, in a joint project with Comité Salvadoreno Independienté New York. 

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Guyana Projects

From 2003 to Present:  Guyana Malaria Project -- Amerindian Villages

We have purchased mosquito netting for Amerindian villagers in the hinterland of Guyana and developed and implemented a training program that has helped the villagers fight the malaria epidemic in Guyana.  Funding has been raised through a matching grant that involved our club, the Old Montreal Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Demerara in Guyana.  This is an ongoing project and our club expects to receive more matching grant funds this Rotary year to fight Malaria in the mountain villages of Guyana.

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Hospital Albert Schwitzer

From 1998 to Present:  Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) -- Haiti

We have provided financial support for this hospital founded by Dr. Larry Mellon and wife Gwen after they were inspired by the missionary work that Dr. Albert Schweitzer was doing in Gabon, Africa.  Dr. and Gwen Mellon of Pittsburgh built this hospital in 1954 with their own funds.  They lived in Haiti and served the 300,000 Haitian people in the Artibonite Valley until they died.  In 2006, our club led the effort to raise $7,000.00 from some other clubs in our district to develop clean water in two mountain villages near HAS.

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Rotary Friendship Exchange

In 2013 we had a Friendship Exchange from South Africa. One of the places we took the group to was a Dairy Farm near Coaticook, Quebec.

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