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Our Club encompasses the towns of Derby & Derby Line in Vermont and Beebe, Stanstead & Rock Island in Southern Quebec. The area has great beauty, history and friendly people. One of the most interesting of these is the Haskell Library & Opera House. It was built straddling the USA and Canadian border. The border cuts through the structure in such a way that the performers in the opera house are in Canada and the audience is in the USA. There are many other beautiful sites to see and we welcome any visitors to come join us here in this unique and beautiful area. The WELCOME mat is always out.

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Haskell Free Library & Opera House on the USA and Canadian Border Colby-Curtis Museum in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada. Stanstead College, Stanstead, Quebec,Canada
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Monument at Stanstead Quarry, Graniteville, Quebec, Canada View of Quarry from above. Ganiteville, Quebec, Canada

Dufferin Heights Country Club Stanstead, Quebec, Canada. Location of Our Annual Golf Tournament

Haskell  Photo by Mike Wagner - mikew@together.net

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